Another podium for Jonathan Labbee and Simtec Racing

Things keep getting better for the SIMTEC RACING/NEUTRONICS/HYPE team

Labbee scored a 3rd podium during the return F1 Weekend in Montreal. However the win was not easy and came at a price.


Saturday F1 Weekend (Masters Series)

The weekend was difficult and very trying for the second year driver. Labbee qualified 6th in Masters after having his best qualifying lap times taken away from him due to a stipulation in the rules. For Marc Bishara, the qualifying session went well, but unfortunately the rest of the weekend was plagued with clutch problems.

The race start was a total disaster, many cars overheated on the grid, and crews were not allowed to enter the track to jump the cars with the booster packs. The race starts and a large accident occurs on the green flag many cars are taken out of the pro-class.

The Red flag is issued and causes a restart. Upon restart, Labbee overtakes a few cars and finds himself in 3rd position. Battling with #77, Labbee is closing the gap. ¾ into the race, in corner one, Pat Sweeney (77) makes a move for 1st place and the car that is bring overtaken gets shaken up a bit an goes wide.

Labbee avoids the car by going into the infield. Having to restart the car, Labbee looses 4 positions, but quickly gets back onto the track and moves up the field.

“At this point, all I had in my mind was to get back to where I was” says Labbee.

after 2 laps, Labbee is about to initiate passing moves on the 4 car platoon, and in corner 14, Labbee overagressively tried to take position and a collision occurrs with Steve Groux from the USA. The race was over for car 47 as the left side of the car was destroyed. After working all evening and a good portion of the night, Car 47 was ready to rock and roll.

Sunday F1 Weekend (Masters Series)

Sunday AM, officials worked diligently to correct the confusion of the previous day and this assured that the race would go as planned.
After a lot of work From the Simtec Crew, Labbee was back on the grid. After an interesting and long battle with Pat Sweeney and Gord Ross, Labbee took 3rd and make this his 3rd podium of the season. The weekend was INCREDIBLE!

Simtec Racing Team

A HUGE thanks to the Simtec Racing crew, Sean and Christine for the excellent work on car47, to Joanne, Gaston and Carole for the great support during the weekend.  And to our incredible sponsors NEUTRONICS, HYPE, IXL Sports, Mobile Mech, Illumivision, Buona Notte, Gasbee Digital and F1 Fanzone.  And a special thanks to the the track animals that make it out to everyone of our races to support the team! You guys rock!

Also, we want to make a special mention to David Clubine from Britain West which supports the F1600 events with parts and excellent service and support.

source: Raven