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1    Vandiemen RF00  Year: 2000  Chassis #: 2679

2    All A-arm Suspensions & Push-rods upgrade to 2001 Year specs. (wide track)

3    Penske shocks all arround 4-way adjustable

4    Front and rear TDI rotors cross-drilled Floating type

5    LD19 break calipers with blakhawck pads all arround

6    Halon Gas fire extinguisher system

7    Front swaybar control

8    Front/Rear break bias control

9    350lb/in front springs

10    480lb/in rear springs

11    TLS fuel cell bladder type

12¬†¬† ¬†0.100″ T6061 Aluminum floor pan glue and rivetted to chassis space-frame

13    All fiberglass bodywork with carbon-fiber nose

14    Light weight OZ-Racing wheel rims (12-spoke)


15    LD200 from Hewland 4-Spd. Plus reverse

16    13:36 ratio on Crown-pinion

17    Light-weight flywheel with integral hydraulic clutch release bearing

18    7 gear ratio are available (gears are remmed)


19    Ford 1600cc by Quicksilver

20    Hi-Tech Headers

21    32/36 Dual barrel Weber carb

22    Bosh distrinbutor with Peltronics timing

23    Custom made spark plug wires (very immune to damp weather)

24    Dual side-pod aluminum radiators

25    Oil cooler radiator

26    5-ports Tilton Oil pump with integral oil filter


27    Custom made wire harnesses (with Power-Good to engine bay)

28    LED flashing rain light


29    Pi-2 system logger and display

30    Full software license with laptop computer and download cables

31    RPM sensor

32    Speed sensor

33    2-axis Accelerometer sensor

34    Engine temperature sensor

35    Gearbox temperature sensor

36    Oil pressure sensor

37    Fuel pressure sensor

38    Break force sensor

39    Auxiliary sensor (steering, throtle)

40    Ambient temperature sensor

41    On-board battery voltage sensor

42    10-CH. Beacon receiver sensor

43    10-CH. Beacon transmitter

44    All manuals are available for Pi system, LD gearbox, Penske shocks

45    Complete Weber carburator kit jetting and emulsion tubes

Contact : Pier Bortot 6132632801


VanDiemen RF98


  • Fast and very competitive F-1600 ‚Äď set up and ready to go
  • Complete rebuild in spring 2015 ‚Äď 5 hrs. track time since
  • Fully rebuilt Kent engine in spring 2015 (Mortimer Racing) with aluminum head and all the best components ‚Äď 5 hrs. on engine
  • Carefully stored in a heated garage since 2015.
  • Lightweight brake rotors, floating calipers.
  • Aluminum calipers ‚Äď Front 20‚Äôs, Rear 19‚Äôs
  • Pertronix ignition
  • Penske double adjustable shocks
  • 8 Panasport wheels ‚Äď 4 with American Racer slicks, 4 with American Racer rains
  • AIM Data acquisition system
  • Located in Ottawa, Canada area
  • Priced for quick sale @ $15,000 CDN, $11,500 US – OBO



1044239_351852581635677_2267474309689834020_n11992 RF 92 Van diemen, 9 weekends since total rebuild all suspension nickel plated chassis was powder coated and steel belly pan welded, Penske shocks, aim data system, fuel cell recertified in 2014, masters and calipers rebuilt, many new rod ends, two sets of panasports, one set perfect, the other in good shape, some suspension spares, spare rad, calipers, misc spares,spare nose and shock cover(not pretty), Good motor with RFD alum head, front running B car, six podiums and a win in three weekends in 2016

 asking 19000$

car is race ready when it gets picked up by buyer, kills me to sell this car, as it is best formula ford I have ever driven!

Contact David, email,, or leave message at 705-728-5491


For Sale RF99 Vandiemen.

Honda engine with approx 5000 miles.

2 way Penske shocks

Blueprinted gearbox, with alloy differential.

Engine bay stiffening.

$39,800.00 CDN Pictures on request.

Contact Britain West Motorsport






 Formule Ford VanDiemen 1997 #01








Moteur Ford 1600cc avec tête en aluminium MECAR (André Rémillard)

Refresh du moteur en juillet 2015 (1 week-end course seulement depuis)

Voiture rapide, termine 3e championnat 2014

4 amortisseurs Penske 3 voies


Ceinture neuve

Réservoir d’essence neuf

Siège de fibre de verre

8 roues et pneus


Possibilité d’accessoires et de pièces de rechange…


$ 19500 Prix révisé


Marc Cardin




Scale pad aluminium anodisé & balances 1500lbs/ coin  LONGACRE complet avec boitier de transport à vendre

valeur 4000$ prix demandé 2000$ ferme 

appellez au 8193509750


formule 1600 van diemen 1995 deux exemplaires seulement au Canada. Compl√®tement remise √† neuf, moteur, carburateur, transmission, amortisseur, peinture, powder coating sur toute les pi√®ces en m√©tal,bras de suspension neufs, (w-bones, push road )¬† plus un set neuf complet pour les 4 coins, planchers neufs plus un set neuf,4 pneus neufs toyo, batterie neuve, throttle cable et plaquettes de freins neufs etc…moins de 10 heures de piste test seulement.

PRIX $ 20,000.00 INFORMATION: FRANÇOIS BORDELEAU 450-975-2060 OU 514-924-7555


1997 Van Diemen for sale as a roller or complete with ford engine.

Comes with Penske shocks, recently rebuilt.
Panasport or Madin center lock wheels.
Fresh paint.
Double layer kevlar on side panels for driver protection.
New hans compatible seat belts.
Clutch slave cylinder rebuilt.
Floating rotors.
Your choice of gears.
Your choice of tires, Dunlop, Toyo, American Racer.
Aim dash.
Blueprinted gearbox and differential (cost $10,000).
Your choice of gears, 10:31 diff.
Engine, fresh 1600 ford, very powerful.
SCCA crank.
Aluminum RFD (extra cost) or steel head.
3 port oil pump.
Aluminum high strength rocker pedestals.
7 1/4″ race clutch.
No expense ever spared on this fantastic car and it is set up to perfection.
Front runner in Ontario and Quebec series.
I hate to give this up but health forces sale.
Price $22,000 complete, $18,000 as a roller.
I have many spares for this car which can be negotiated at extra cost.
613 822 2565 or cel 613 277 2203
Car is located in Ottawa Ontario Canada



1 Honda Fit, Formula F1600 Engine.  1600 miles from new. 

Basic Engine without drysump $2300.00, With drysump pan, pump and alternator $5500.00.

 Call 514-913-6603


Britain West Team Vandiemen RF01  f1600 for sale

Car had a complete rebuild in the winter of 2012/2013.

All uprights refurbished, brakes rebuilt, suspension replaced as required.

Frame was straightend, all  excess holes removed, rear chassis stiffened and repowder coated.

New Stainless Steel full length floor.

Billet alloy motor mounts

Alloy LD20 front calipers, Iron LD19 rears.

Penske shocks

Fuel cell checked, recertified, and enclosed in a new alloy fuel cell surround.

Aim Evo 4 data logger, with Aim Formula car steering wheel

Tilton upgraded slave cylinder

OZ wheels

4 Mosport gear ratios

New Willans seat belts in 2013.

Car has nice bodywork, with white vinyl wrap.

Current spec wide track suspension.

Alloy head Britain West  Ford engine with steel crank, and forged pistons.  1 test day, 1 race weekend.

Car has been tested for 1 day, and run 1 2 day race weekend at Mosport, driven by Gord Ross.

Car is for sale as run at Mosport, setup sheet included. 

Also available for continued running by Britain West Motorsport in Formula Tour, Ontario F1600, or US F1600 Championships.


David Clubine




A vendre

2000 F Renault 2L
Moteur Renault Clio RS.
200 cv
Carburant : 91 de pompe.
Boite de vitesse sequentielle SADEV 6 vitesses no-lift.
Ceintures valides
2 sets de roues BBS (13 ¬Ľ).
Construction tout carbone.
Piste de Mosport en 1:22:07
La voiture a été entièrement révisée cet hiver.


137540_Une_Classique_d_Automne_de_Tremblant_sous_la_grisaille - Copy1

Franc Roiron au 6135235747 ou 6138506475 ou




Formule 1600 van dieman 1994


Pieces de rechange avec l’auta

  1. 1 tete de mteur en fonte
  2. 1 racing jack 1.5 tonne
  3. 1 lift manuel pour le devant
  4. 2 chargeurs a batteries
  5. Set de guenilles
  6. 1 boite foam,boyaux,miroirs
  7. 1 boite huile a moteur,entonnoirs,wd40,graisse ect.
  8. 1 caisse huile a transmissions synthetiques
  9. 1 caisse huile a moteur synthetiques

10 Р1 pompe a l’huile 

     11- 1 radiateur

12-  1 rear hub assembly

13- 1 front hub assembly

14- 3 tables arrieres

15- 2 barres de torsion

16- 1 essieu arriere

17- 2 barres de direction avant

18- 1 pompe a gas

19- 1 carburateur pour pieces

20- 1 set de fils pour bougies

21- 1 boite ,spacer,joint hub,disk,used brake pads.

22- 5 boites de bolts,clips,nuts,o’ring,washers ect.

23- 1 boite de racing tapes.

24- 1 timing light.

25- 2 stands 8 po de haut,2 stands 36 po haut.

26- 1 extincteur

27- 1 boite de produits nettoyant.

28- 1 valise de gears pour transmission(8 sets)

29- 7 pneus et 4 pneus neufs sur l’auto 

30- 4 roues

31- 1 nez complet de rechange.

32- 1 capot arriere de rechange.

33- 1 set de barres d’alignement

34- 4 5gallons de bidons pour l’essence

35- 1 fixture pour fabriquer suspension arriere.

36- 1 boite safety kit. 


  1. 1 tente 10pix10pi
  2. 1 tente 10pix20pi
  3. 3 baches
  4. 1 tapis gazon gris 10pix20pi
  5. Tuiles en foam2pix2pi pour 10pix20pi
  6. 1 coffre a outils complet
  7. 1 compresseur a air a gas avec boyaux 25pi
  8. 1 generatrice yamaya 2700 watts
  9. 1 bogey sur roues pour outils
  10. 1 extension electrique 50pi
  11.     11   vtt 2 roues motrices (taotao 150 cc) presque neuf.


Pneus a vendre

American racer                                                 dunlup racing

1 rain tire 20.0/6.0-13S                       5 pneus reguliers 135/545-13

1 rain tire 22.5/7.5-13S                2 pneus reguliers 165/580-13-cr82

2 slicks tires 20.5/6.5-13S

2 slicks tires 22.5/7.5-13S

prix demander  18500.00 $  avec trailor de 28 pied  trois essieux

Demander Yves Beaudoin au 514 434 5590  cell



Van Diemen RF 2000


Voiture rapide , facile à conduire, réglé pour pilote de 6’2.

Voiture qui a roul√©e parmis les top ‚Äú5‚ÄĚ en Formula Tour.

Moteur Jacques Fournier (Tout neuf) bloc Atlantique.

Amortisseurs Penske 3voies

Etriers de freins LD20 en aluminium au 4 roues

Echappement Stainless Steel Hi-Tec

Système d’acquisition de données Aim

Differentiel en aluminium

Points d’attache moteur renforcés

Ceinture valide

Pneus Toyo (3 sorties)


Beaucoup de pièces de rechange:

  • 12 jantes Panasport
  • Pi√©ces de suspensions (bras , pushrods etc‚Ķ)
  • Plusieurs resorts amortisseurs
  • Disques de freins
  • Etriers de freins LD 19 en Aluminium;
  • Pi√©ces de carrosserie (2 nez: reg et un Aero style F2000, ¬†Capot avant, ¬†‚ÄúSide pods‚Ä̬† etc‚Ķ);
  • Barres de torsion;
  • 1 set Pneus slick American Racer; et
  • Autres pieces diverses.


Prix:  $30,000 

Aussi disponible en surplus un moteur Britain West tête en alu. (Besoin d’un rafraichissement)


Vous pouvez me contacter à:



Voiture très compétitive, 900 Lbs Pro serie
Tête de moteur en aluminium MECAR Andre remillard. Moteur (refaits a neuf 2014 )

Short bloc de spare std.

3 amortisseurs Pensky 3 voies.
8 roues .OZ + 8 pneu toyo + 4 slick + 4 Rain
Plusieurs gears de spare pour tout les circuits Quebec Ontario
Clutch 7 po.aluminium etrier aluminium joint cardan aluminium
Systeme d`aquisition de données ISAAC et bien plus encore

Soutient disponible pour course. !

Luc Theroux  # 11

220000.00$  nego !

514-705-8557 cell


Van Diemen 2005 ‚Äď RF05 SOLD/SOLD/SOLD



Elle n’a pas été en piste cette saison, la voiture et le moteur ont été entièrement réassemblés au printemps dernier (2013).

Extras et pièces de rechange:

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Second jeu de roues avec pneus de pluie;

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Jeu complet 20 rapports pour boite de vitesse;

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Pi√®ces de carrosserie suppl√©mentaire (museau &‚Äúside pods‚ÄĚ);

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Volant multifunction AIM;

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Amortisseurs √† l‚Äôazote Penske (avant & arri√®re), avec 4 paires de resorts;

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Kit pour si√®ge ‚ÄúCreafoam Bead‚ÄĚ (inutilis√©);

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Tr√©teaux de support pour la voiture:

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Et de nombreuses autres pi√®ces.

Trailer 8’x20’ aussi disponible pour $5,000 de plus.

Visitez pour plus de photos.


Contactez Roch au


Van Diemen 2005 ‚Äď RF05

$35000 …..PRIX REDUIT 29900$


Did not race this season, car and motor entirely rebuilt last spring (2013).

Extras and spare parts:

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Second set of wheels, with rain tires;

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Full set of gears (20 pairs);

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Spare body parts (side pods & nose)

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† AIM Steering wheel;

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Penske Nitrogen shocks (front & back), with 4 different sets of springs;

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Creafoam Bead Seat Kit (unused);

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Car support stands:

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† And too many other spare parts to list them all.

Trailer 8’x20’ also available for an extra $5,000.

Visit for more pictures.


Contact Roch at



Please list as following:  Complete Formula Ford Operation For Sale. 2005 Chevy Kodiak 4500 with 47 foot Warrior Trailer. . Complete operation $60,000.00. negotiable. Contact: Hector at  613-539-1943 or e-mail or Steve Pickering 613-650-7800.

006 007 008 019 021



A VENDRE:  CHAPITEAU 20 X 20 blanc avec 4 panneaux dont 2 vitrés  avec  TAPIS TUILES DE COULEUR 2500$ pour le tout (vendu)


Tapis 20 x 20

Appeler: 8193509750


Van Diemen 1990 à vendre, 23 000$ (Négociable)

Formule école de Jean-François et Louis-Philippe Dumoulin ainsi que Charles Leclerc.
Formule très compétitive, toujours aux premiers rangs.
Tête de moteur en aluminium Ivey.
Moteur Ivey refait par Maurice Leclerc (2012, 2 courses de fait).
4 amortisseurs Pensky 3 voies.
8 roues Panasport Ultra Light.
Plusieurs gears de spare.
Clutch 5po.
1 ensemble de coil spring de spare.
Soutient disponible pour pratiques et première course.

Richard Dumoulin,
Trois-Rivières, Québec



FORMULA 1600 VAN DEIMEN 1993 (vendu/vendu/vendu/ sold/sold/sold)





PRIX DEMAND√Č: 19¬†500$



Van diemen RF 98 à vendre VENDU/SOLD

Très compétitive classe pro

Moteur quick silver

Tète d’aluminium (2012)

Suspension penske 3 voies

Roues OZ

Système d’acquisition AIM avec volant ($5000.00)

Le tout $24000.00 ou $20000.00 sans système d’acquisition AIM


Aussi set up pad $2500.00 avec balance

Remorque et camion $12000.00

Moteur de réserve $3000.00


Robert Boyer  450 224 2068







IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1710
Contacter Serge Bourdeau au 5149435555
 prix demandé 39000$
Parfait pour participer à la nouvelle série FORMULE LIBRE
A VENDRE REMOERQUE 26 PIEDS NOIR 2004 avec treuil (winch), fini avec plancher en aluminium , comptoir en structure acier recouvert avec armoires melamine beaucoup de rangement, Peut contenir 2 formules 1600 et tous les outils. Mags aluminium, éclairage intérieur, porte rampe, pneux neufs, jack électrique sur potence et cette remorque est en excellente condition.
Van Diemen 1993 avec remorque de 14 pieds (ouvrir ce fichier)   WOW WOW WOW super belle voiture ouvrez ce fichier
Ex-Horgas Van Deimen RF93 FF.

Professionally prepared. Former Runoffs silver medal winner.

As driven by Jonathon Horgas at FF Birthday Party (qual P2 in 112 car field) and many SCCA/Waterford race wins.

Horgas suspension mods and Horgas-tuned Dynamic dampers.

Eight events since complete body reconstruction including aero pods. New rads. Lightened diff.

Comes with one set of Panasport wheels and choice of gear ratios.

Spare nose and new fitted nosebox. One spare front and rear wishbone.

BrittainWest engine freshened by Horgas in 08/10.

Engine currently out of car but all fittings and hardware for installation.

$12500 roller  or $15000K complete. Delivery and race preparation available.

Located in Buffalo/Toronto area.

Contact Greg Rice at


Please pass along this info to anyone who may be interested in this fine car.

Reposts to forums or classifieds is encouraged.

I’d love to see it being used as I think this is a killer car.

I’d also like to get it to a new home before the snow flys.


Greg Rice

Rice Race Prep



VAN DIEMEN 1993 + trailer et divers (VENDUE)

van diemen 1994¬† , voiture remise a neuf de a √† z en 2009, moteur refresh (dyno) en 2011 , suspension refresh en 2011 (dyno ), syst√®me acquisition isaaq sur volant et + , 8x roues, pneu pluie neuf , autre pneu de pratique , balance et plateau digital acheter en 2010¬† (valeur de ….) , quelques¬† pi√®ces de rechange , jack avant formula, peinture neuve a venir , et pi√®ces neuve changer….

25,0000$ a discuter….. selon…..

remorques de course 24 pieds : 8000$.

4 roues  vtt pour course : 1000$.

Formule seule 16000$

autres équipement à discuter..  VENDU VENDU VENDU / SOLD/SOLD/SOLD

Patrick Noel.  (819) 352-3393.



RF99 with 01 updates for sale  SOLD!!!!!!!

RF99 with full wide track suspension updates (latest specs)
Fast car, very competitive, set up for tall driver (current driver is 6’3).

Car maintained by Cadney Racing for last 3 seasons with a full rebuild for the 2011 season
Fresh IVEY Engine with aluminium head, with full check up in August 2011 (Dyno sheets available). No excuses engine with all the good parts.
Pace 3 port oil pump with integral filter.
Updated to latest specs with wide track suspension.
New wiring harness.
New AIM EVO 4 data system with Michron dash. GPS enabled system with full track mapping.
Data system has the following sensors
– 3-axis accelerometer
– oil pressure
– oil temp
– water temp
– throttle position
– steering pot
– 4 penny and giles linear shock pots

2 sets of OZ wheels (one mag and one alum)
Calipers gone through and rebuilt
Triple adjustable Penske shocks rebuild in 2010
20 sets of gears
New Belts (this last season)
Choice of extended roll hoop (for tall driver) or regular roll hoop
Spare nose,
Spare cowel
Much more”

Everything was done on this car, no expense was spared

PRICE: $36,500

Please contact me for more info. or

Thanks much for your interest.
1 FF1600 Engine, built by Britain West.
Alloy head (updated by RFD) with recent carb and manifold.
This engine has everything you would want and is fresh (dyno time only) and complete
from carb to clutch.
Scat steel crank, CP forged pistons, Pace 3 port oil pump, and Quarter Master F-3 clutch.
Used by Guy Gilain to win the Masters class at Montreal June 2011, and is the engine that Xavier Coupal
used to dominate the Sunday race at ICAR September 2011, before his throttle cable broke.
David Clubine
Britain West Motorsport
148 Pleasant Ridge Rd
Brantford, Ontario
N3T 5L5
fax 519-753-7553





Van Diemen RF97
NEW Fresh engine by AMB (New Block, internals, crank, cam etc. and Alum head)
1 race on the engine
Fresh paint
ISAAC Data system and Steering wheel
New wiring harness
2 set of wheelsf
spare cowel

PRICE: 23k or 18K as a roller

Please email me: for more information.

Van Diemen RF97
NEW Fresh engine by AMB (New Block, internals, crank, cam etc. and Alum head)
1 race on the engine
Fresh paint
ISAAC Data system and Steering wheel
New wiring harness
2 set of wheels
spare cowel

PRICE: 23k or 18K as a roller

Please email me: for more information. FOR SALE: